Is there a monthly fee?

No recurring or monthly fee. When we deliver a project to you, you own it outright and can use it however you like.

Some of our clients want to host their project online but don’t want to worry about how to do it themselves. In this case we suggest hosting it via our Amazon server account for a small quarterly or annual fee with no contract. We can set you up with your on website address, or you can use one of ours for free.

How do we update information in the building O&M manual?

O&M manuals are record documentation plus operating instructions that in theory do not require updating. However in the event that the building is modified or expanded, building O&M Manuals do require updating and that would be treated as a new project. The intention is for Converge to adapt with changes to the building over the whole building life-cycle.

Converge provides free updates (incorporation of digital information assets) to the building O&M manuals for three years after substantial completion.

Do I need proprietary software or licensing?

There is no software to purchase or licensing fee.

Converge is browser based and is fully compatible with Internet Explorer V9+, FireFox v7+, Adobe PDF reader and / or Apple’s iPad.

AI Tag is optimized for smartphones.

Both Converge and Asset Insight can be installed as an app on your phone or tablet to work even with no network connection. You can also copy Converge Digital Building Manuals directly onto your PC and open with only your web browser, or load it onto a server to host over the web.

How easily can I find what I am searching for?

All the normal search facilities that you are used to using on your computer can be used to navigate the Converge building O&M manual. One of the main features is the ability to search every document and drawing with one click. If you can use Google you can use Converge.

With Asset Insight, you can browse a list of your assets or scan a QR code physically placed on the asset with any smartphone.

What’s the cost justification?

If we are appointed at the commencement of construction phase there should be zero cost premium. The cost of us producing your building O&M manuals is more than covered in the savings that you would make. Visit our cost justification and ROI page.

At what stage should I buy Converge?

Converge works best when we are appointed at the commencement of construction. Our preferred schedule is to accumulate as much information as possible before we enter the final hectic stage of the project.

Can operation and maintenance manuals be done on existing buildings?

We have done many projects for existing buildings and portfolio holders. However, contractors and sub-contractors don’t always supply the necessary information after completion and payment of their work. We would review and digitize all available information assets into Converge. Also we would undertake a gap analysis and provide a concise report detailing missing information assets.

Can you write my building operation and maintenance manuals for me?

Yes, we also supply a technical writing service:

If you’re interested in having us write your manuals, please contact us on +1 647 244 6691 or head over to our Contact Page for more ways to get in touch.

Will my building O&M manuals be complete before substantial completion?

Everything apart from some final test certification and record as built drawings are normally completed and issued for substantial completion. Final building operation and maintenance manuals, including all certification and record as built drawings will be incorporated as soon as the contractors issue them to us.

What if I want a paper copy of my building O&M manual?

We can provide paper copies of your building O&M manuals. Our paper building O&M manuals are superior to traditional building O&M manuals because they include consistent formatting, accurate page numbering and full indexing.

What do the Converge building O&M manuals actually contain?

Converge building O&M manuals are tailored to each unique project. However a typical Converge building O&M manual contains:

  • Planning, Design & Construction Documentation
  • LEED Scorecard, Audit submission & LEED certificate
  • Commissioning Documentation
  • Record As Built Drawings
  • Architectural O&M
  • Landscaping O&M
  • Mechanical O&M
  • BAS O&M
  • Electrical O&M
I already have training DVD’s recorded for my systems, do I need Converge Dynamic Video Training?

Some of our clients with existing buildings were provided DVD’s with unedited training videos for some or all of their systems.  Our Dynamic Video Training team are experts in building systems and there is much we can offer to improve on your existing videos. The biggest complaint we’ve heard is having to scan through hours of DVD’s to find what you’re looking for only to find your question isn’t answered.  Dynamic Video Training solves this problem and more!

We index and edit, removing unnecessary footage and breaking each system into sub-topics.  This means that you can browse your videos by sub-topic, and if you chose to integrate with Converge Digital O&M Manuals or our Asset Insight App you can also search.  We’ll label each video with a title, description and meta-data for the search engine including the sub-topic and key-words.

We can also create new video training for any system you’re not satisfied with or are missing.  Our training is carefully choreographed to be concise and focused strictly on operation and maintenance.  Our experienced staff use professional equipment for ideal sound, lighting and video stability.  Often contractors who present training are experts on designing the system, not maintaining it.  Additionally, they are not seasoned public speakers and their answers can be long winded.  We create a concise set of topics and keep training on script!